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I signed up with Snelling I think in 1998, during that time they placed me in several positions. Once those jobs ended, they always had something else waiting on me, making sure that I did not go too long without working. The staff was very professional as well as caring. I currently became unemployed due to a layoff and I plan to contact Elizabeth next week.


I had just moved to a new city, looking for a career was tough. I spent the first three months online, filling out applications and going on interviews that lead nowhere. A friend of my fiance suggested Snelling Staffing Services. When I went in for my interview, I filled out their application and brought in a resume. We looked over everything together and it seamed I had the skills they were looking for. They scheduled an interview for me right then. A few days later I had my interview, the job was exactly what I was looking for. After a few days I recieved the call that I got the job. Needless to say I was ecstatic!

Brianna T.

I have to say, it has been such a pleasure having Snelling send such good people to our office. They have made ALL the difference this year. It’s been wonderful. Pam

P. D.

Hello Elizabeth, I just want to send you a quick thank you note to thank you for taking the time and care to interview with me this morning. I truly enjoyed meeting you. Actually I can confess that I felt very confident by your honesty and kindness as well as Jennifer who first welcomed me. I could honestly tell that you care for the people that come to you and work for you and that is a very valuable quality and not common to be found. Again thank you so much for your time this morning and I am looking forward to hear from you soon. Sincerely, R. R.

R. R.

One of the reasons I continually use Snelling for hiring is because of your support of the South Carolina Philharmonic. I get sales calls from other local staffing services periodically, but I only use Snelling. I appreciate your support with the SCP and also the help you and Snelling have given our company over the years. Thanks again, Jen H. Customer Service Manager

Jennifer H.

I was having a difficult time with a very challenging sales position and new management so I quit my job without having another lined up. Snelling sent me on an interview within 2 days of contacting them and I was hired a day later. They listened to exactly what I told them about my strong points and matched me with a job doing things that I am great at.


After coming down south and needing to work again in these hard times I was about to give up but SNELLING has found me some work and it has been good and i hope that they will be able to help me with a reg job too


Do to the status of our economy and the unemployment rate, I feel Snelling is doing the best that they can to accommodate whoever possible. I’m sure the the economy is hurting them just as much as anyone else. They can only give out what they get in. No more or no less. Thank you for caring Snelling.

Arbedella J.

Snelling is by far one of the best employment agencies in the Columiba area. They listen to what you want and need in a position and work towards fulfilling that goal. Though I have not yet obtained a position through them, I am confident that they are working for me to find just the right employment.

Gina Z.

Snelling is an asset to the community for the person locating employment and the services they provide companies in finding employees. I have appreciated their professional attitude and the continued interest in my employment progress regarding available job positions. I have recommended Snelling to friends and to those persons seeking employment positions.

Susan Francum

I have worked with Snelling Staffing Services over the last 3 years and they have always come through for me. They supply me with competent, well-screened candidates and it is a pleasure to work with their staff.

Curt C.

Snelling Staffing being a certiied agency I give them the okay to find employment for me in areas of Manufacturing/Distribution. Or a role in Management function.

Robert C.

I got laid off from my job and drove straight to Snelling Staffing. They treated me with the upmost respect. Within a week I was placed at …(client company confidential). I have been with this company for 1 year and 3 months. I am blessed and spoiled rotten. Thank you so much SNELLING :}

A. Trilla

I am speaking for my husband. Snelling has been awesome at finding him work and the last assignment they sent him on turned out to be permanent. I have confidence that they will find me work to. Bryce and Elizabeth are really helpful and if anyone were to ask me where to go to look for work, I will tell them Snelling!

T Ring

“By the way, I really appreciate the attention that you have given our account. Your agency has provided prompt, professional service and good job candidates. Thanks so much!” Valerie

Valerie R.

Snelling followed through on their commitment to provide me with temp labor for the period specified. The quality of the workers was good and we were able to accomplish our project on time.


Tracy supported us when we had a critical need for Territory Managers. As the face and voice of the company in the field, Territory Managers represent a high-profile role with demanding responsibilities. Not only are they responsible for achieving specific sales goals, but they also have to increase GAINSCO’s market share while remaining the first point of contact for all of the independent agencies they service. The hiring process requires multiple interviews and heavy candidate interaction up to and including the point of extending an offer of employment. As a direct result of Tracy’s efforts, we successfully filled seven roles over a ninety day period. She is focused, professional and client friendly! Without her support we would not have been able to meet our hiring objectives. – Robert Preston, Regional Recruiter – GAINSCO, Inc.

Robert Preston