Welding Field


Our client company has many openings.

They are hiring for:

Welders – 6 years, Flux-Core, 3-G weld test

Machine Operators – Work on large machinery, Work on heavy equipment/troubleshooting, (10 years experience)

Maintenance Technician – multi-craft, highly skilled, troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, root cause analysis, 480bolt 3-phase power source

Fitters – 1 year fabrication, mechanically inclined/mindset, TACK welding. Pipefitter experience is even more rare. Experience with blueprint drawing and apply to pipefitting. Other info if someone that has restored cars or fixes them usually can have knowledge of blueprints

Mechanical System Engineer – 10 years experience, come from heavy industrial areas that make product engineered to order, Degree in mechanical engineering and has previous industrial engineering experience. 3-D Software is SolidWorks and CATIA, 2-D is AutoCAD. Design work experience. Previous history working with CapEx and project management preferred.

Must have prior experience in these areas to apply. *


Columbia, South Carolina